Who I am and why I’m here?

Hello, hope you have a good day!

coming to the main part of who am I and why I am here,

I am a guy who recently fell in love with words and phrases, or it took me some years to  know that I love them?or both? so, thought why waste even a nick of time instead of doing what I love (write. I have a few good stories to share, too)? And then, I am here,to blog, to share my thoughts with you all, and found WordPress might be a great platform to start with. I was afraid to publish only to realize that WordPress got me by my back and now here comes my first post and let me have some good time here, have all your love towards me and my posts. I might have a slow start. But, come what may, I would not stop doing so till the words stop loving me(hoping that won’t happen). Wish me a happy blogging people. ❤


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