If we were to have a cup of coffee, “AGAIN”.


She was beautiful and cute… The mall was overcrowded as it was the weekend and many people come for a break from their routine. I don’t work and neither had I gone for any refreshment. I visited the mall just for the sake of fun. I could still see her in the crowd, coming out from the cinema hall, tried to approach and have a chat with her as I felt an adrenaline rush to talk to her by the time she’s gone. As I went near, I realized she’s accompanied by her friends. I shivered. My heart constantly juggled between skipping a beat and increasing the beat. I can hear my own heartbeat even in that crowd. I followed her till downstairs and now, I can’t see her. Tried to search and finally found her. Thought this is the time or I might never see her again. Went into the dress shop where I saw her. To my surprise, she turned back to me and said
As a shy person and an introvert, I felt nervous all of a sudden and thought I conquered the whole world at the same time. Thoughts were running wild. After a pause, I thought even she was interested in talking to me and I responded…. with a big idiotic smile on my face. Just then, without a gap she said
You need not stalk me.”
I was confused, was unable to understand even a thing happening around me.
“How about having a cup of Coffee together?” I said, in a low and shivering voice.
She left the place. I heaved a sigh of relief. I felt that was the end of the world. After returning home, I dreamt about her all the time. The day eventually ended.

The very next day, I saw her again. So simple, and beautiful! This time, I am more confident and courageous to ask her out in the very first meets. She agreed and left. I am more confused now. Later in the evening, we both met again. In a low tone, I asked her out to a coffee bar. “Why coffee bar? Is there no other good place?” she said. “It is full of peace without many people and so we can know each other much better.” “Okay.”
We ordered a cup of Cappuccino. By the time it arrived, we were quiet. The order arrived and I initiated the conversation. We got to know each others’ basic details and no sooner did she finish the coffee than she left the place…I expected at least a bye for no reason. I followed her again . This time, she’s gone.

My friends were expecting something more as I stopped narrating.

We’re interested to know what happened next. When did you people meet again? Have you ever met her again?…questions were raised by them.

I WON!” I shouted. They all forgot that we placed a bet on narrating a story which keeps others’ interest in it and the best one wins. I won!

Weeks later, the same happened. This time, I was not narrating. It was happening for real and I was afraid and shocked. The same girl. Same mall. Same coffee bar.

All of a sudden, I opened my eyes. Huh! It’s just a dream. Yet, another sigh of relief .

Image credits: vanilla photography, Google image


13 thoughts on “If we were to have a cup of coffee, “AGAIN”.

  1. 😉

    Spoiled the fun. Thought you were going to begin a live commentary of your journey! 😦

    Anyway, kudos to your writing style. You did command my attention and interest.

    Wanna read more stories Karthik… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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